max manto

Hi, my name is Max.

I'm an asipring programmer looking to widen my skill set and deepen my understanding of the technologies we use every day. Currently, I'm on the lookout for a junior level position which will help me in this endeavor.

My knowledge so far comes from college courses, online self-teaching resources, open-source code repositories, and a few books that have been recommended to me. I've also done a few projects to further my comprehension, some of which can be seen on this site. Languages I've used along the way include C++, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have a knack for figuring out something new and a tendency to crave experience with currently relevant technologies.

When not programming, I may be: baking bread, trying food from a country I'm not very familiar with, watching cheesy horror flicks, or playing a video game.